Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Some reviews for Sirocco Express

I've received several reviews for Sirocco Express and (whew, what a relief) they are all very positive.

Here are some extracts:

"Authors like William Faulkner and poet Emily Dickinson or Robert Frost had a true craft for writing those descriptive, yet simple, images that stay with you long after you’ve finished reading. Judge indeed has that craft. ... Sirocco Express is a brilliant tale of one man’s determination to fulfill his dreams. ... The author has labeled it as a “contemporary novel about migration,” but it is much more than that. It is a wholesome and heartfelt adventure that reminds me of the imaginative worlds and trips I discovered and fell in love with the first time I ever picked up a book."
Shannon Yarbrough, The Lulu Book Review
Read the whole review here:

"A real page-turner. Brilliantly researched and utterly convincing - so much so that you feel you are there and being drawn into the action. I can't wait for this author's next book."
(William) John Newton, novelist and columnist.

"The book was a classic 'page turner' and completely un-put-down-able. With only a few pages left I could not help wondering how it would end and where Adebayo's eventful journey would lead him. The ending, when it arrived was wonderful and eminently satisfying."
Jillian King, Worcester Writers' Circle

"There are unpleasant realities to be found in the reading of this bleak tale, but it makes the reader pay attention to life in another part of the world. You'll like Adebayo and many of the people you'll meet in these pages. A tale worth reading for anyone who likes stories about people and their struggles to survive. Adebayo could be said to represent an entire generation on a continent that hasn't yet learned where its going. Recommended as a read that will open your eyes and have you asking youself "Why"? Yet, the ending gives us hope. Talented author Tony Judge opens a door to a world we don't know or understand with his clear inner vision."
Anne K. Edwards, The Slippery Book Review